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Alistair Morris


Alistair was born and brought up in Dunfermline before attending Aberdeen University where he obtained his law degree and subsequently his post-graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.  Alistair was determined to do more than simply study law during his time at University and, amongst other things, he enrolled with the University Air Squadron where he learned to fly and now holds a private pilot’s licence.

After leaving Aberdeen, Alistair returned to Fife to work as a trainee solicitor and was made a partner in Pagan Osborne at the age of 26.  It was whilst working there that he first met Andrew.

Alistair has a broad range of both personal and business clients and now specialises in the purchase, sale, development and lease of commercial and residential development sites including the purchase and sale of businesses including a property element.

He was a Law Society of Scotland Council Member for 24 years prior to becoming President of the Law Society of Scotland in 2014/2015 and was appointed a  member of the Judicial Appointments Board for four years from 2015. 

Outwith the law, Alistair has many interests principally involving sports of all kinds, motor cars (particularly rallying) and, lastly, for relaxation, gardening!

Phone: 01592 205151

Email: alistair@andrewkprice.co.uk