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Commercial property/ business law

We provide advice on all aspects of the purchase, sale or lease of commercial property whether the property comprises an office, factory, development site, care home, nursery, retail unit, hairdresser/beauty salon, restaurant, trade premises etc.

In addition, we deal with the purchase and sale of businesses including care homes, professional practices (e.g. vets, dentists, pharmacies), development sites, post offices, manufacturers, engineers, hair dressers, restaurants, electricians, nurseries and the like.

We also provide advice in relation to the operation of the above mentioned businesses and others including plumbers, painters/decorators, kitchen designers, financial advisers and farmers.

"In my professional capapcity as a Chartered Accountant, I come into contact with many solicitors, but regrettably, there are few I would recommend. Andrew is an honourable exception. I have recommended Andrew K. Price Solicitors to family and clients alike. I can give no higher recommendation of a professional service"                                                    - David Gill, CA