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Powers of Attorney and Wills

As people live longer it is inevitable that some will lose mental capacity whilst others may lose capacity as a consequence of an accident/illness.  Accordingly, it is advisable to appoint an Attorney (i.e. a trusted family member or friend who you appoint to look after your affairs) before you lose capacity as to do so afterwards is not legally possible. Appointing a family member/friend as Attorney can make their task of caring for you a lot easier as failure to do so will result in having to raise a Court action to have a Guardian appointed which is stressful, costly and time consuming.  

Likewise, it is advisable to prepare Wills so that your wishes are clear.  Once again, having a Will can make life easier for those who have to deal with your affairs following your death.  It is never too early to prepare a Will and such events as marriage, the birth of children, divorce and retiral are an opportune time to consider the matter.  We are happy to undertake home visits if required.

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