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The death of a loved one is both a distressing and stressful experience.  We have a dedicated and experienced team to help you (the executor/s) deal with the legal implications relating to assets belonging to the deceased.  We can support you with our friendly and compassionate yet thorough approach during this difficult time.  

There is no such thing as a standard executry as every estate and situation is different.  We are able to deal with testate cases (i.e. where someone has died leaving a Will) and also with intestate cases (i.e. where someone has died without a Will).  We can help shoulder the responsibility of dealing with everything from start to finish, ingathering the necessary information on your behalf, dealing with the Sheriff Court in relation to the Application for Confirmation and ingathering the estate assets thereafter right through to distribution of the estate, to allow you the time you need to grieve.  

Experience has shown us that the average time to wind up a straightforward estate is between six months (i.e. after expiry of the claim period) and a year.  We will of course keep you informed at all times and confirm the likely timescales from the outset.  

We are happy to undertake home visits if required.

"Julie is a true professional who made the daunting prospect of dealing with relatives' estates painless. Her knowledge and attention to detail are a credit to her and an undoubted asset to the company."

- Mr Winton, Kirkcaldy